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Norman Reedus — “The Sex Symbol of the South” — Reveals Personal Style

Norman Reedus and Mingus Attend a Screening of Bully, March 20, 2012
What guy wouldn’t want to look likeNorman Reedus(Daryl Dixon) — and what woman wouldn’t love her man to look a little more like him? (Be honest, it’s OK.)
The Walking Deadstar is Men's Fitness’December 2013 cover boy, and you can watch him behind the scenes of his shoot in the video below.
Norman talked to the magazine about his “personal style,” first wondering if he even has one. Turns out, he does: "It's probably an old punk rock T-shirt, jeans, work boots, and Ray-Bans. That's pretty much what I've been wearing since high school." (Side note: Can you imagine going to high school with him? Would you have scrawled his name all over your Trapper Keeper?)
The Men's Fitness story writer, Josh Dean, had nothing but nice things to say about Norman, which is usually how it goes when people talk about him.
"Norman was a genuinely nice, normal-seeming guy, which isn't all that typical of big stars," Josh said. "And I think based on The Walking Dead's massive following, it's fair to say that he is now a massive star. [...] He's a pretty glib, funny guy who got super-famous late, so he's not spoiled and Hollywood-y. He also has some good and funny perspective about the fact that women kind of obsess over him. The dude is like the sex symbol of the south, I think."

Try sex symbol of the world!
Norman's Men's Fitness issue hits newsstands on November 18. Here’s another preview, with Norman talking about what he eats and his fitness routine. It takes hard work to look this good!

video: NormanReSpain

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