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Norman Reedus Saved a Man’s Life and It Was Surprisingly Hilarious!

Norman Reedus Smoking With His DogWhenever Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) stops by any talk show he’s sure to have an amusing story handy, and the 44-year-old actor’s appearance onThe View this morning, November 26, was no exception. But first, he did his duty and talked aboutThe Walking Dead. “There’s a lot going on on the show right now. It’s really about the characters. Time is important and what you say is important,” he began. “And these are your two feet on the ground. Who do you want to be? What do you want to fight for?”
It didn’t take long before talk turned to Norman’s enviable physique, and though he tried to shrug it off, saying, “There’s a lot of makeup on those arms to make them look really buff,” we know the truth!
Still, as Barbara mentioned having big guns doesn’t make you immune to injury. “I’m always hurt,” Norman revealed. “I got hit in the head and had stitches across my head but I was covered in blood.”
While the ambulance ride to the hospital and subsequent stitches were uneventful, Norman says the trip back from the hospital was one to remember.
Norman recalls driving back to set with some of the production staff, only to come across an accident. “We come up over a hill and there’s an 18-wheeler on the side. This lady’s in the road and she’s going, ‘I think he had a heart attack, he’s pinned behind the wheel’ so I jumped out of the car I was in, pulled this big, sweaty man out of a truck, laid him down and then the ambulance came and said, ‘Didn’t I just take you to the hospital?’”
So,  just to recap, not only did Norman have to head to the ER for some stitches, but he also likely helped save a man’s life on the way back from the hospital. Talk about a badass!
Norman and his TWD co-stars have only been on a handful of talk shows so far, but clearly they provide great TV!

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