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‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers: A new sanctuary

‘The Walking Dead’ spoilers: A new sanctuary 


ccording to the source, the final scene showed Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob, on a run. Suddenly, after fiddling with the radio, a voice comes on saying, “Sanctuary…those who arrive, survive.” More survivors out there! And they seem friendly and promising, but not so fast.
The following are spoilers from “The Walking Dead” comic book series, so they aren’t guaranteed to happen as AMC has made several changes in the TV series, but it’s always fun to speculate.This sanctuary is more than likely in Fort Benning, the Alexandria Safe Zone. Of course, there is also a very strong possibility that it is all a trap from the Governor or another dangerous group.

“Fort Benning is where Rick’s group was originally headed after leaving the CDC,” Wet Paint says. “It’s in Georgia, so it stands to reason they’d be close enough to pick up a signal. Yeah, they were told Fort Benning was overrun with walkers, but that came from the sketchy guys in the bar in Season 2.”

Also, in the trailer, Michonne is seen checking out a location in a map that is close to Fort Benning. The source believes this scene takes place after they hear the signal on the radio. If it is the Alexandria Safe Zone, Rick’s group will be spending a lot of time there – that is, if producers followed the comics on this one. Previous spoilers revealed that Daryl and the others will be spending at least the first half of Season 4 in the prison, so if they do go to Fort Benning it will be in the second half.

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