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EW Interview With Norman and Andrew

We’ve been delivering relentless scoop to you about season 4 of The Walking Dead for the past few months. There have been first look photos, sexy-time GIFs, and videos of the cast telling us what to expect when the premiere rolls around on Oct. 13. But let’s put all that aside for now to share a fun moment from the set. I was chatting with Norman Reedus in his trailer at night while we waited out a rain storm that was holding up shooting for the evening. Reedus was cradling a big — and what I sincerely hope and have to assume was fake — shotgun in his arms while we spoke. Then a knock came on the door, and Reedus immediately pointed the phony firearm in that direction. Well, who should happen to walk in but Andrew Lincoln, also looking to kill…some time. He came in and plopped himself on the floor. Presented now for your enjoyment is a snippet of the conversation that followed.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Norman, I want to go back to a minute ago when you said you’re a much better actor than Andrew Lincoln 
EW: That’s a controversial statement—
REEDUS: I also have a bigger *****. [laughs]
EW: Of course you do. You guys have this farm now in the prison. Can either of you actually farm in real life?
ANDREW LINCOLN: Yeah, I planted an orchard in the off season. 27 apple trees.
EW: You’re in New York, Norman. You can’t farm.
REEDUS: The only thing I’ve learned to do since last season is poach an egg. I can poach a wicked egg now.
EW: Going back to the talk we had earlier about all these characters dying, I’ve always told you, Norman, that you may be the only person that is truly untouchable.
REEDUS: Ah, don’t say that. Knock on wood. Knock on some piece of wood somewhere.
EW: It’s true! Can you imagine the rioting?

LINCOLN: The riots!
REEDUS: I will lead that riot! No, it’s a fun job, and I think people relate to different characters for different reasons, but never say never. I hate to even think like that, to be honest. Plus, if you think like that it’s not as fun. It’s fun coming to work. Every day you make it your best day. It’s good like that.
LINCOLN: You can’t do it lazy. It doesn’t work lazy, so it’s crap.
REEDUS: Yeah, and no one’s doing it lazy so you’ll stick out like a soar thumb. I don’t even think to think like that is a good idea.

EW: How do guys feel about night shoots in general?
LINCOLN: I love it. There’s a kind of crazy energy that comes.
LINCOLN: It feels like we’re up to no good. It feels like something bad’s about to happen.

EW: Andrew, do you ever come in here to Norman’s trailer and open his fan mail for him?
LINCOLN: I sign most of it. You know, I spend so much time in here I’m called “Borman, Norman’s Doorman.” And so I answer the door, and whenever he’s being called I’m like, “Hi!” And they have to translate it through me, and I go, “Yes? What is it? This is Borman, Norman’s Doorman.
REEDUS: True story.
LINCOLN: It’s a true story.
EW: What weird items have fans sent to you this season so far, Norman? Anything good?
REEDUS: God, yeah!
LINCOLN: The other boob? [Note: Last season one female fan sent Reedus one of her silicone breasts.]
REEDUS: I have not gotten the other boob. I threw [the first one] at Steven. He was trying to do an interview.
LINCOLN: Yeah, Steven got it.
REEDUS: I got that unicorn mask. I got this owl mask. I got that weird painting with the claws coming through it. A lot of cool little kid drawings. I got these Duck Dynasty things. Yeah, and in this painting up here, I did a series of photos about a year ago in New York after a crazy thunderstorm and there was just dead umbrellas everywhere. And so I took pictures of them and someone painted one of the umbrellas from last year. I thought that was pretty cool. I’ve been followed off set six times now this season.
EW: Really?
REEDUS: Yeah, like from the gate. So I’m doing like 85 on my bike looking for cops and they’re like 10 feet behind me, so that gets kinda creepy. But I think the show’s so big. I think there was some leaks or something last year. Like somebody stole some [scripts] or something and everyone’s got a camera phone so I think there’s a whole bunch of new security this year.
EW: Well, they have websites marking where you guys are shooting on location.
LINCOLN: When we went out to Griffin [a town outside of Atlanta]. It was crazy! By the second day, just masses of people.
REEDUS: Dude, I went for sushi in Atlanta, and this couple came up to me and were like, “Oh, we have a new tour group we started based on your show, so people fly to Atlanta and we book it in advance and drive them down to your set locations in Senoia.” It’s a business!
EW: Have you guys been in The Walking Dead store down on the old main street of Woodbury?
REEDUS: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I stole some crap from there.
EW: Well, if anyone can, I’m pretty sure you’re the one to get away with it.

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