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The Walking Dead' stars Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln cuddle on a couch

"The Walking Dead" hotties Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln really embraced their bromance during their trip to Singapore.
According to a Jan. 12 report by Geek Crusade, Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes were greeted with a crazy zombie apocalypse obstacle course when they showed up to The Walking Dead Live event at LASALLE College of the Arts, and they had a ton of fun shooting walker targets with Nerf crossbows. Luckily, they survived the course and the mob of fans watching outside, so they got to head to the auditorium for a very entertaining Q&A.
The cute couple, affectionately referred to as "Rickyl" by fans of "The Walking Dead," snuggled up close during the Q&A. Superadrianme.com posted a video of their cuddle fest along with some of the highlights of their appearance, which should make Rickyl fans feel all the feels.
Host Adrian Pang did fans a favor by focusing on their bromance quite a bit. When he asked the guys when they first fell in love with each other, Norman Reedus enthusiastically answered, "Day 1." Norman also talked about how he and Andrew Lincoln keep the romance alive while filming the show. "We have a little thing we do if it's a really intense scene and it's just the two of us," he said. "I'll whisper, 'I love you,' and then he'll whisper back, 'F*** you.'" How sweet is that? Andrew Lincoln also said that this magic moment exists on film, so hopefully it surfaces someday.
To keep the sexy vibe alive, Reedus revealed that he's actually seen a "Walking Dead" porn spoof, and he promised Lincoln that he'll let him see it when the British star visits him in New York. Pang joked about things falling off and Reedus having a big crossbow, and Lincoln asked Reedus, "Are you sure you weren't in it?" Sadly, the actor didn't answer in the affirmative, but he did tempt Norman's Nymphos to go searching for the film by saying, "The guy that played me did a really good job." He didn't say anything about Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes getting it on, but he did reveal that Rick and his deceased BFF Shane get to share a special moment in the movie.
One of the funniest moments during the Q&A came when Norman was asked about how he and Andrew prepare for shoots. The audience got the giggles after Norman said, "We just go into our trailer, GET HARD and GO into it." The embarrassed actor hid behind his sunglasses after he realized how dirty his comment sounded, and he comforted himself by giving Andrew a hug. Maybe he really did make a cameo in that adult movie.
Reedus didn't have any problem with getting dirty when he was asked about what's going on between Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). He responded to the question about Caryl by making a naughty motion with his hands that indicates that Pookie might be getting some nookie. However, it's possible that he was just joking around.
Is Rickyl your favorite celebrity bromance?

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